Full and Partial Electrical Rewires

Our experienced electricians provide full & partial rewires for homeowners and businesses across Hertfordshire & surrounding areas.

What is a full or partial domestic electrical rewires

The electrical wiring system throughout your house powers anything electrical in your home this could be your lighting all the way too a games console. A full domestic rewire is the process of rewiring the whole entire house and upgrading this equipment.

A partial domestic rewire allows you to fix parts of your home without the need to completely rewire everything. An example of this would be fixing, upgrading or adding an additional plug socket.

How often should my house have an electrical rewire?

As of writing this, there are no set guidelines as to when a domestic property should have a full or partial rewire. Just because your house hasn’t had any wiring done, doesn’t mean that it is unsafe.

Depending on how your electrical cables have been installed & with what materials it is important that you check if they’re safe. You can do this by hiring a certified electrician to check if you would need an electrical rewire.

You are also able to do a basic check by looking at the following items below:

  • Switches and sockets with live parts showing
  • Cables protrude above the plaster
  • The fuse box is not labelled


Unfortunately yes as we route all electrical cables through your walls usually.

It is recommended that your home should be rewired every 25 years.

Most furniture will need to be moved at some point during the rewire so were able to fully route our cables.

There isn’t a definitive answer as it depends on the size of your home but it will usually take longer than 2 days.

Yes, When you completely rewire a home you can change the layout of your sockets & add additional sockets.

The best time to have your home rewired is when you first buy the property as you’ll most likely be decorating it.

Yes, You will lose power temporally as we cant work with the main power on.

Yes with all rewiring projects we will clean where we have been working inside of the property.

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